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Artémis Vines

Artémis, being the Olympian goddess of the hunt, the moon, and fierce protector of innocence, is the perfect representation of our brand. Founded by the incomparable Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux, the brand represents all that she stands for;

Truth, Compassion, and Unapologetic Ambition.

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Untitled design (29).png


The Artémis Collections were formed during the same time Paradise’s novel “Finding Paradise” was written. The Artémis Collections are known to be associated with only the best skincare, couture products and more. We are now proud , and excited, to introduce our latest addition to The Artémis Collections:

Artémis Vines.

Artémis Vines are ever-expanding. The core of this company is Quality and Community. We believe in creating a quality product that serves our communities, globally.


Because Artémis Vines has vineyards around the world (USA, Europe with plans to expand to Australia, Asia, and Africa), we are able to create jobs around the world and opportunities to help the communities where our vineyards reside.


We currently make California: cabernet sauvignon ,Zinfandel Rosé, and Chardonnay. France: Sauvignon Blanc, Red Bordeaux, Cabernet Rosé and Champagne. Over 30% of profit are returned back into the community to help fight against human trafficking, hunger, homelessness, and domestic violence. It is imperative that we are more than another vineyard. We believe that purpose overrides profit.


Winemaking requires passion purpose, patience, and persistence. These are also the methods that we keep in mind when we are working to better our communities.


          While traveling around Europe, finding herself and healing from her fight with Ovarian Cancer, Paradise visited her family’s old vineyard and fell in love. Her family’s estate was an older cottage just on the tip of Paris. It had been built in the 1700s and her great-grandparents procured the property in the early '30s, re-retaining it in the ’50s, and passing it on to Paradise’s grand-père upon their deaths in the late ’70s. There he established a small, “backyard vineyard” of a mere 4 acres, producing quality wines for their friends, neighbors, and his beloved wife. Paradise’s grand-père kept up the family’s tradition of winemaking until his untimely passing in 2017.  

That tradition has now been passed on to Paradise.

       With the help of a great team and an esteemed oenologist, Paradise procured the quality vines that now produce all the variations’ of Artémis Vines. It is an honor to continue this family’s tradition and we welcome you as our extended members.


     Our approach to winemaking is “pre-industrial.” We believe that for anyone attempting to make fine wine, modern additives and industrial processing limit true quality where we make our decisions based upon taste, not a recipe. We are committed to sustainability and organic farming, as well as providing a safe and mentally healthy environment for our team members. We are smaller, but in our world quality beats quantity,

Let us entice your taste buds with wine from the finest grapes around the world.

Artémis Vines are based in the US and France and remains a diverse, Woman owned-business.

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Les Vins

Artemis Champagne

Champagne & Sparkling

Brut Reserve 

Artemis Red Wine
Artemis Blanc
Artemis Rose



Cabernet Sauvignon

Pinot Noir



Sauvignon blanc


Pinot Grigo


Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé 

Zinfandel Rosé

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