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Hello Darlings, 

Paradise is Miss World International Ambassador

My name is Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux, and I'm the founder and CEO of Artémis Beauty™ of  The Artémis Collections™. I started the line while I am still studying at university not because I felt the world needed yet another cosmetics line, but as a necessity for a consistent skin problem.


I am an ovarian cancer warrior, who refuses to allow it to slow me down. I have earned a pageant title every year since 2014. I have been professionally modeling since I was 16, I am a stage/film actress and professional dancer. I sought out the most affordable to the most expensive brands. Still, my face would look like pizza. It never failed that after the day’s makeup was washed off, my skin was horribly suffering; it didn’t help that I had a terrible habit of nitpicking at every pimple that would arise. I realized that I was having a horrible reaction to the ingredients of the makeup. I decided that I really needed to research what I was putting on my face. It wasn’t long before videos of animal testing flooded my screen.  You can only imagine the array of health issues that come with cancer, and now I had to deal with my makeup destroying my face and environment? ...I think not!


I tossed the lot and started my clean beauty journey but was very dissatisfied by the options on the market. I’ve yet to understand why we ever really needed to test on animals, but I digress.  Since I’ve never been the type to just complain about a problem, I knew I needed to be the one that would create a luxury quality vegan line that was diverse, high-performance, sustainable, and still affordable.


My female-operated business is based in New York and Paris.


I am honored to be able to present these lines to you knowing that 1/3 of our profits are returned back into the communities to aid in the fights against domestic violence and human trafficking, but also to help fund our “Beauty, Brain, and Business” and “I Can Be Both” scholarships for women-owned small businesses.


- Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux , CEO + Founder

Our Mission - OUR Vision
Our Priority- Our Pride



At Artémis Beauty™, we believe people shouldn’t have to sacrifice health, beauty, or morals for beauty products.  You deserve the best vegan makeup that ACTUALLY works!




Our vision (feeding back to the Goddess herself) is that one day everyone will only use the purest and most environmentally friendly products on our skin.




Our #1 priority is to help  Goddesses like you discover beauty products that promote optimal health for you and the environment.



We give a portion of proceeds each month to a variety of foundations, but especially The Catch A Falling Star Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides resources to domestic violence, human trafficking., health (like cancer) warriors. We also have established a small business scholarship/investment fund to help boost women-owned businesses that are making a positive impact.


Each ingredient used is ethically sourced across the US. and France. 

Our products will always be 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

Our company will promise to always be an ally and continue our education of ways we can make a positive and helpful impact.

When you chose Artémis Beauty's sustainably sourced vegan products, you are not only positively impacting your health, but also the environment and your community.

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