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"Beauty, Brains, and Business" 
Entrepreneur Grants and Scholarships 

Why we must invest in women​


  • For those who aim to go into faster-growing occupations, such as STEM or healthcare, the expectations are even higher than for male peers. To meet these requirements, students are accumulating record amounts of student debt — an issue that disproportionately affects women as women still face hefty barriers to enter many high-paying professions, financial and professional support can play an integral role in facilitating success. 

  • 8.2% of Fortune 500 CEOs are Women, According to the 2021 Women CEOs in America Report, and out of 41 total, only 2 are black.

  • Research shows that women-owned companies generate higher revenues than those owned by men. It also showed that women are more effective as a leader and are better at creating jobs. Experts at Boston Consulting Group also found that women made twice as much per dollar of investment than men.

Together we can build the next generation of women leaders by supporting the continued education, coaching, and professional certifications for women building in businesses and working in traditionally male-dominated fields of tech, wine & spirits, hospitality, and finance.
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