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Economic sustainability involves making sure our business makes a profit but also ensuring that operations don't create social or environmental issues that would harm the long-term success of our company We strive to use our resources in an efficient and responsible way that provides long-term benefits and establishes profitability.

Well-paid staff and sustainable growth - a winning combination.

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Our employees are our number one asset, so it's crucial that they have a healthy work environment and feel supported. Creating a positive workplace is a top priority for us, because when our employees are happy and thriving, everyone benefits.

​The Artemis Collections believes Team-Productivity is one of the keys to sustained economic growth. The Artemis Collections brands each place a focus on increasing employee satisfaction by creating competitive wages and benefits packages, making the workplace safer, and adopting strong moral values.


Taking Words and Creating Action!

Commitment to Education

Invest in the Future

Commitment to Compliances

Sustainability is important for all aspects of a business.  It encompasses energy consumption, procurement, waste management, and much more.  To truly embrace sustainable practices, businesses need to change their mindset and culture. It is important that we expand on what sustainable practices are and how they can be implemented within the workplace. We do this by educating ourselves and teams about sustainability, adopting a willingness to lean & grow as a general attitude for all, and having leadership that takes time and care to create systems and processes that make it easier for team members to integrate sustainability into their decisions.

With an understanding that technologies and sustainable agriculture are critical to invest in under-capitalized developing countries, which are the growth markets of the future and critical to meeting climate goals, we, thoughtfully, plan our expansion, keeping in mind how we can best be an asset to the communities we expand to. We leverage a valuation tool that assesses the revenues, growth, and profit margin of products and brands against targets, and tracks supply-chain savings, capital expenditures, manufacturing avoided costs and incremental turnover of goods associated with sustainability-led initiatives.

Embedding this analytical capability in the business enables The Artemis Collections and our Brands to increase performance across markets and decide where to prioritize investments and marketing to focus the portfolio on delivering the Artemis Collections’s purpose and ensuring our team members are substantially compensated for their efforts.

We are committed to regulations and compliances not because we have to be, but because we know that it is the right thing to do.Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just what we do. We have developed an effective and efficient supplier code of conduct that requires our suppliers to uphold high ethical standards, comply with all applicable laws and regulations and ensure their business practices are transparent and sustainable– - Holding them to the same standards that we hold ourselves to.

We ensure that everyone, including top executives and those responsible for day-to-day operations are aware of our strategy. Once it's implemented, we do everything possible to maintain it and keep its value alive. And with our custom communication plan, we make sure every member of the team understands how the strategy connects to their contributions in order to create a functional framework for objective reviews to monitor performance, identify risks and opportunities for continuous improvement of health safety standards, and maintain our commitment to carbon reduction.