"Beauty, Brains, and Business"  Entrepreneur Grants and Scholarships

Beauty, Brains and Business Fund invests in the professional advancement and career growth of high-potential, professional women who are often underrepresented in leadership positions. Recipients have the option of using the funds for school or their businesses.

With the state of the economy, it has become more important than ever for women to open up and prosper in their own businesses. More frequently within the past few decades, women have been leaving behind their stay-at-home parent roles and replacing (sometimes combining) them with their own independent business ventures.

However, obtaining funding for these new business ventures can be a frustrating process. We strive to encourage women forward by making business and education a priority. 

Things To Do Before You Start Looking For Funding

Go over your business with a fine-toothed comb and familiarize yourself with every aspect of what will be involved:

  1. Know all the intricacies about the need that your business will be fulfilling. What kind of product or service will you be marketing? Is there still a great need for it today? Will there continue to be a need for it for years to come, or will the newness and enthusiasm about it wear off soon after it gets started?

  2. Who will be your target audience? Will your product or service be able to serve the general public, or will your audience be confined to a smaller group of customers? Will your customers be so satisfied with the service provided to them that they will keep coming back for more? Will they be inspired to recommend your business to a friend?

  3. Will you have any partners in your business? If so, do you have a strong enough relationship with them to withstand the pressures of starting up and maintaining that business? Is your partner as committed as you are to your new venture? Will she be in it for the long haul? What roles will you and your partner take on in the business? If it is a fifty-fifty venture, who will have the last word as far as the major decision making goes?

  4. Where will your business be located? Have you scouted out any office spaces? How much rent will you be willing to pay for your office space?

  5. Familiarize yourself with the resources that are available to you. Where will you purchase all of your supplies? What will be your monthly cost of supplies?

  6. Will you be hiring employees? If so, how many? How much will they be paid?

  7. Have you looked into how much it will cost to insure your business?

  8. How much money will you need to start your business and keep it running for several months? Have you made a business plan?

After you are confident that you can answer all of those questions, the next step is to start looking for funding. This is where most women who are trying to start a business get frustrated and give up. There are some guidelines to follow that will narrow down your search to make it a little easier.

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                             EMBRACE YOUR INNER GODDESS
With grants and scholarships that encourage and support women in leadership roles in
                                         wine & spirits, hospitality, tech, beauty, and finance.
"Beauty, Brains, and Business"  
Entrepreneur Grants and Scholarships benefits
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Academic education has a way of providing women with in-demand, disruptive skills they need to aid them in excelling in management and leadership roles. E.g., a master’s of hospitality degree can lead a woman from working the front desk to being head of HR for a major hotel. Combined with experience, a  certificate or associate degree, or an MBA can result in a lifelong career.  

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Leadership coaching can make a difference between career growth and stagnation. Professional women often utilize quality career coaching to build in-demand leadership skills needed to grow into their best leader-self.

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Executive networking events/conferences are a powerful way to find sponsors and mentors, identify career opportunities, build a successful team, anticipate organizational changes, and stay on top of industry trends.

Overall, creating the environment and community you need to thrive will always be one of your strongest tools and assets.

Together we can build the next generation of women leaders by supporting the continued education, coaching, and professional certifications for women building in businesses and working in traditionally male-dominated fields of tech, wine & spirits, hospitality, and finance.

Why we must invest in women

  • For those who aim to go into faster-growing occupations, such as STEM or healthcare, the expectations are even higher than for male peers. To meet these requirements, students are accumulating record amounts of student debt — an issue that disproportionately affects women as women still face hefty barriers to enter many high-paying professions, financial and professional support can play an integral role in facilitating success. 

  • 8.2% of Fortune 500 CEOs are Women, According to the 2021 Women CEOs in America Report, and out of 41 total, only 2 are black.

  • Research shows that women-owned companies generate higher revenues than those owned by men. It also showed that women are more effective as a leader and are better at creating jobs. Experts at Boston Consulting Group also found that women made twice as much per dollar of investment than men.

Support emerging women leaders by contributing to our
"Beauty, Brains, and Business" Entrepreneur Grants and Scholarships fund

Embrace All That You Are, Unapologetically.

Young Businesswomen
  • Has a strong vision for her career.

  • Unapologetically challenges the status quo.

  • Is a fierce and innovative leader.

  • Walks the talk - She works hard to open the doors of opportunity for herself, but makes sure to keep the door open for other women who are following in her footsteps.

An Artemis Goddess:

Applications are now closed.

Applications are opened once a year in September, and awarded by March 8th of the following year.

To keep the program honorable, we do have strict eligibility requirements that every applicant must pass:

  • The funding must be used to start the business or attend school within 10 months of being awarded the grant or scholarship.

  • The recipient of the grant/scholarship money must have a defined plan for continuing to run their business or continue their education after the money has run out.

  • All businesses and recipients must have community value, and be actively involved within their community.

  • Businesses must have no more than 100 employees.

  • Documentaries or personal Internet blogs are not eligible for funding.

  • Non-profit businesses will be funded through grants and individuals will receive their funding by way of subcontracts.

The kind of applicants that this organization is looking for are:

  • Women who are interested in helping people make better decisions and thrive in their community.

  • Women who regard truth, honor, and accuracy with high standards.

  • Women who want to advance within the business industry.


Eligibility Requirements