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Les Vins

Artémis Vines are ever-expanding. The core of this company is Quality and Community. We believe in creating a quality product that serves our communities, globally.


Because Artémis Vines has vineyards around the world (USA, Europe with plans to expand to Australia, Asia, and Africa), we are able to create jobs around the world and opportunities to help the communities where our vineyards reside.


We currently make California: cabernet sauvignon ,Zinfandel Rosé, and Chardonnay. France: Sauvignon Blanc, Red Bordeaux, Cabernet Rosé and Champagne. Over 30% of profit are returned back into the community to help fight against human trafficking, hunger, homelessness, and domestic violence. It is imperative that we are more than another vineyard. We believe that purpose overrides profit.


Winemaking requires passion purpose, patience, and persistence. These are also the methods that we keep in mind when we are working to better our communities.

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