Rechargeable Blackhead Removal Vacuum

Rechargeable Blackhead Removal Vacuum

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Gentle yet powerful pore cleaner. This is a mutifunction suction machine which can absorb blackhead, acne, mites, dirt etc on the face and clean facial skin can help to keep your skin gentle, more young and full of vitality. - The product is of all-in-one design to be in line with ergonomics for easy grip.
- Three levels to meet the needs of different skin.
- Equipped with 5 probes for you to replace at will and meet the needs of different parts. (5 replaceable filters)
- Being rechargeable and portable, it can avoid frequent replacement of the battery.
- It is with 53KPA strong suction to remove the blackhead easily.

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  • How to Use

    A. No Battery Needed!

    • This unit is usb rechargeable
    • simply press the rose gold on/off button and you're good to go!
    • Charge lasts about 7h when fully charged.

    B. Preparation before usage

    In order to prevent purple spot occurred in the face from improper usage, please observe the following points:

    • Don’t last absorbing so long time at the same place;
    • Please use the product in accordance with the suggested time
      • Around nose: within one minute 
      • Forehead, jaw: within two minutes
    • Don't pull vertically, or else It will be difficult for you to pull out of the absorbing cup; 
    • Don't pull strongly while you are moving the absorbing cup;
    • After cleaning the product with water, you should turn on it and let it operating for 30 seconds, so that the water inside can flow out before you re-use in.

    C. Ways of usage

    • Clean your face: (Attention: Don't use the product when there is Cleanser Milk on your face)
    • Turn on the product after installing the Nose Absorbing Cup upward,
    • Move the product around nose according to the direction of arrow; 
      • Warm your face slightly with warm water;
      • Move the product evenly refer to the arrow;
      • You can’t use it around your nose more than 1 minute.
    • Turn on the product after installing the T Position Absorbing Cup upward;
    • Move the product around T Position according to the direction of the arrow: 
      • Warm your face slightly with warm water;
      • Move the product evenly refer to the arrow;
      • You can use it on forehead and jaw totally 2 minutes.
    • Clean your face, then makeup with cosmetics which you often use.

    D. Ways of cleaning

     To get a basin of warm water;

    • Do not use hot water (over 70 C) and washing liquid, etc.
    • Get the absorbing cup and turn it on, put the absorbing mouth into water and keep it working for 15 Seconds;
    • Get it out from water, and keep it going on working for 30 seconds so that the water flowing out of the main body of product;
    • Use tissue or cotton to wipe the main body part as well the absorbing cup till dry, especially the inside of the absorbing cup.

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