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"Embrace all
that you are, Unapologetically."



The Our Story

Artemis' most powerful attribute is her ability in setting healthy boundaries. She is protective and has a zero-tolerance policy for disrespect. Setting clear boundaries and enforcing them is essential for not only our well-being but also every relationship we have.


The power of Artemis is strongly affiliated with the emotional and spiritual feminine energy within us all. She gives us strength and courage in the face of challenges, while reminding us that with patience and trust, we will be able to see our way through the darkness. The Wild Huntress embodies confident independence, self-reliance, and freedom from restriction. We are empowered by harnessing that energy to rest and regain strength - shining brightly through the darkness when the sun has retreated, giving our planet and all who inhabit it new possibilities and potential.

From the mountains of Greece to modern times and beyond, Artemis has been called upon to heal, protect and nurture those who seek her guidance. Our collection is a reminder of her wisdom, humility, and private nature, with each piece holding its own elegance and mystery. There is no wonder why Artemis was the inspiration for this company and its collections.

The Artémis Collections is a Luxury, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Sustainable company, whose mission is to empower women with resources & opportunities. We donate up to 30% of our profits to fight against Domestic Violence, Hunger, Homelessness, and to fund the Beauty, Brains, & Business Entrepreneur Grant and Scholarship Fund. Whether it's wines that are masterfully crafted, makeup that enhances your natural beauty, or skincare that restores and regenerates, every product found here meets the high standards that you deserve.

**Proceeds from every purchase will go to  The Catch A Falling Star Foundation and the fight against human trafficking, domestic violence homelessness/hunger, resources for those with additional needs, and the fight for better resources for our Vets. We thank you for your support.**


I know, I know...You want your soon-to-be favorite treats from TAC now! However, to ensure we maintain absolute quality and compliance, you will have to wait juuuust a little longer. 

Stay tuned for MAJOR news, and launch dates!!

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